Program Registration

Finding Your Program:

Once you've logged in, using the Browse Programs tool will help you easily find and chose your programs! You can only view programs that are currently active for registration.

Choose your program:

  • Choose a Category (such as Aquatics).
  • Choose an Activity Group (such as preschool swim lessons).
  • Choose your program (such as Pike)

Choose your segment:

Once you've chosen your program, all of the available segments will be listed on the screen.

  • Choose more info to see all available program information.
  • Choose the segment you wish to register for.
  • Click next. 

Choose the participant:

You will now choose who will be participating in the program. All individuals on your membership will be listed.Related image

Note: If you or a family member does not appear in our database, you must contact the Kankakee Area YMCA to have them added or click my account to add them as a participant.

Register for more programs:

Before checking out, you can click "Register for More Programs" to continue choosing classes.

Note: If a program is full when you choose to register for it, you may be entered into the wait list for that program. If space in this class becomes available or if we add another class you will be contacted by YMCA staff in the order in which you entered the waiting list.

Checking Out:

Once you've chosen all of the classes you wish to register for, click "Check Out"

Payment Options:

Credit Card - Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express
Checking or Savings Account - Any account you already have on file with the YMCA.